Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shocking Jehovah's Witness convention talk telling parents to shun children


Nancy said...

Thank you for posting it.

satinka said...

Thanks for posting the information from that talk. Still such a hardline way of thinking after all the years.

The speaker commented about the JW shunning behavior being not their fault, rather it is the fault of the "sinner" --- in other words the elders have judged. Not just judged, but judged HARSHLY. Jesus didn't shun anyone, but they shun indiscriminately without ever questioning or reversing their flawed reasoning/decision. Their behavior breaks up families. And they blame their victims.

I guess their behavior could work, if the shunned ones accepted their "victim" role, but we do not. We go on and create new lives for ourselves. Lives that are much healthier as a result of leaving the JW religious dogma.

I'd like to link my site to your blogsite page containing this talk. May I?

satinka from jwn

spiritualbrother said...

Thanks for the comments,Nancy and Satinka. Satinka,indeed you may link to my page.Thanks.