Monday, August 22, 2011

Stating The OBVIOUS With Such A Sense Of "Discovery"! False Prophecy.

By Terry Walstrom

Charles Taze Russell, J.F.Rutherford, Fred Franz and the entire Watchtower writing department from 1879 to this day have fallen into a trap.

They state the obvious with a profound sense of "discovery".

Meaning what?

They look at "today" and look at the "past" and ignore the fact that nobody can look at tomorrow!

In what sense?


Identifying "signs" as signals of End Times, each of these writers and thinkers have fallen into a fallacy of chronology.

C.T.Russell identified a meteor shower, Napoleon's defeat and custody of the Pope as THE IDENTIFYING "signs" in fulfillment of Bible prophecy about the Time of the End. He added to that measurements in the Great Pyramid and various computations of Daniel's prophecy.

What is the fallacy?

TODAY is only TODAY; what happens tomorrow or next year or ten years from now MAY HAVE A BETTER "fit" for prophecy fulfillment!

Time after Time prophecy interpreters fall prey to the fallacy of identifying TODAY'S EVENTS as THE fulfillments!

Time after Time they are dead wrong!

In essence, they state what appears to be the OBVIOUS (wars, famines, earthquakes, lawlessness, etc) with a sense of DISCOVERY!

The worst part is that they pass off this fallacious thinking as GOD SPEAKING THROUGH THEM to warn us!!

If this "technique" of looking at today's newsworthy events as THE SIGN actually worked---Armageddon would have come two thousand times!

It hasn't and it doesn't and it won't!

What makes the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witness obvious frauds as a "mouthpiece of god" or as an "anointed" faithful and discreet authority or an accurate interpreter of prophecy is COLD FACT that reality never produces evidence of their WORDS matching EVENTS such as Armageddon!

Proof is not the same as CLAIMS!

Proof is actual happening of claims!

False prophecy is false claims.

The OBVIOUS signs of the End are in every single issue of the Watchtower since 1879 with equal ERROR of identification!

Stop and think! How can you be wrong every month for 132 years and claim JEHOVAH SPEAKS THROUGH YOU??

Instead of true prophetic guidance from above, the Governing Body is doing a RAIN DANCE.

They intend to keep dancing until it rains and then CLAIM CREDIT!

This is what Pastor Russell did with 1914's WWI outbreak. 25 years of pointing out "sign fulfillments" had produced ZERO. But, Russell kept on dancing and pointing to the sky and the clouds.

One day in August of 1914 war broke out and Russell "claimed it" as the rain he had been dancing for all along!

Small problem: no Armageddon.

The best he could produce was an invisible Jesus. Of course, this destroyed what he had been claiming as true all along: Jesus had already returned invisibly just as William Miller had predicted.

But, stating the Obvious with a new sense of "discovery" can be called something more attractive: New Light.

New Light= Wrong Before but Right this time! (We hope)