Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Totally BOGUS Idea Of CERTAINTY Inside The Watchtower Religion.

 By Terry Walstrom\JWN

I'm going to ask a question and it is a very simple question.
Think about it before you answer.  Ok? Are you ready?

Would Jehovah's Witnesses be a better religion if they were more honest and relaxed about how CERTAIN they are about their teachings?

Wouldn't some HUMILITY go a long, long way? (I mean, in view of the fact they have been so often dead wrong!)

Instead of being know-it-alls and having this (what amounts to being an) ERROR MACHINE called the Faithful and Discreet Slave with a hotline to heaven on their desk---they could simply be searching, diligent seekers-of-Truth.  But no. Instead they wanna be bigshots.

Isn't the real problem the POSE and PRETENSE of correctness and authority to tell everybody what to think and say and do??
Isn't pretending to KNOW what they are just GUESSING AT the fly in everybody's soup?
Of course it is!

Being right is what grants them their Authority.
And think about this, please......haven't they had a hundred years to prove or disprove whether they KNOW or are just GUESSING?

Say that out loud, please. Say it along with me now:
Hasn't the Governing Body had a hundred years to prove or disprove whether they KNOW or are just GUESSING?

Well, of course they have. It was only a thesis and has NEVER BEEN PROVED to be correct!
Let's clarify why this is so. Let's make no mistake about it.

This lot of very proud and convinced men in power are fooling themselves and fooling each other while they are fooling 7 million followers.
Plan and simple.  They claim to know what they have only been guessing incorrectly about.
This pretense has forced them to keep fine tuning and changing and worrying the wording of some rather peculiar teachings over the years.
It is their insistence on being CORRECT that is so galling and egotistical and proud. The statistic don't support their claims.
There is NO EVIDENCE to corroborate the idea they are being led by Almighty God toward a better understanding of End Times than anybody else.

If you go to the Wiki page on "Christian eschatology" you can review the hundreds of personal interpretations currently offered by the greatest minds
in Christianity.  They are competing for the mantle of TRUTH along with the Watchtower.  None is better or worse.

What made Charles Taze Russell stand out among the men of his day was two distinct features.
1.He was rich, owned his own publishing business, was well-spoken and confident
2.He had a knack for pumping up the volume on End Times speculations as though they were certain.
Russell pretended he KNEW what he was only GUESSING about!

We can now say he was guessing because we are looking back on history.  The remains of Russells publishing empire (under Rutherford) made the same error no matter how many adjustments were tried again and again.
Rutherford changed, tweaked, adjusted, renamed and reshaped the Russell publishing business as a new religion of Jehovah's Witnesses.
But, Rutherford was JUST AS WRONG while insisting he was absolutely right.

The history of this Watchtower Religion is that it won't let go of its own SELF-IMPORTANT CLAIMS now proved totally bogus!
Next year it will be 2014.  ONE HUNDRED YEARS of false dates, doctrinal tampering and embarassing public humiliations to examine as proof.
They have no standing as oracles.
They have no credibility as "prophets".
They have no humility to change themselves and openly admit to being chronic bullies who bully in the name of Jehovah, either!

The three worst CRIMES of CERTAINTY committed by the leaders of the Watchtower religion are very condemning to them as pastors.
1.Their Authority damages the lives of humble believers in god because it short-circuits the conscience of committed Christians.
2.Their Hubris cuts friends, familty members and honest thinkers off from each other by shunning and ad hominem name-calling. This scatters the Flock of God and drives a wedge in the Body of Christ.
3.They recklessly endanger the weakest members of society: children, women and the elderly. They insist on repugnant polices on molestation, rape, education and medical treatments. By denying the effectiveness of vaccinations to refusing blood in medical emergencies their authority is rapacious.

In this 100th anniversary of the invisible return of Jesus why don't we examine all the fine work this invisible leadership has provided.
From the teaching that the Great Pyramid of Egypt is "God's witness in stone" to the "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" fiasco to the end of 6000 years of human existence in 1975 to the intense disfellowshipping crackdown in 1983 and the narrowing of the FDS in recent months to just those good old boys in the Governing Body---WE HAVE ALL THE PROOF WE NEED:

The BOGUS idea of CERTAINTY inside the Watchtower religion is proof positive they are a feckless, authoritarian power mad CULT of deception.




Rich said...

I had to leave when I could no longer stand the feeling that I never wanted anyone to answer my knock on their door.
I really didn't want to try to "study" with anyone as I knew I'd never be able to seriously believe everything I would be expected to tell them.

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