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Is Armageddon A REAL EVENT To The GB Like 9/11 Is To The Rest Of Us?

By Terry Walstrom(JWN)

All of us are aware of the startling and terrifying events of 2001, or 9/11 as it is commonly termed.

Airplanes were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center killing over a thousand innocent people.

This experience is vivid enough in our memory and consciousness so that it can serve as a significant illustration of what follows.

Now I want you to imagine that you and a group of your friends received ironclad evidence AHEAD OF THE 9/11 EVENT. The evidence is from an unimpeachable source. You are charged with the responsibility of preventing as many deaths as possible.

Can you possibly imagine what you would do and how you would go about it?

Here is why I ask the question.

The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses assumes such a responsibility for warning about an even more terrifying event which would result in a staggering number of deaths: ARMAGEDDON.

What I want to ask you to do is to consider THE DEMONSTRATED RESPONSE liability.

What does that mean?

Consider if the actions of the Governing Body in their use of all means at their disposal actually passes the test.

What test?

ARE THEY DOING EVERYTHING possible TO WARN PEOPLE with the same sense of real urgency and committment YOU would use?

Each of us would probably respond differently.

Here is what I would do:

I would call the F.B.I., congressmen, law enforcement officials and tell them what I had obtained by way of hard evidence.

Contact local tv and radio stations for interviews and Q&A sessions to present the evidence and alert people of the threat level.

Purchase radio spots and newspaper ads.

Create a Viral Video and post it on YouTube presenting facts and figures and evidence.

The important thing I want you to consider is the parallel between what an ordinary person would do and compare it to what a multi-million dollar

religious corporation HAS DONE in the past so that you may ask the question: Does this pass the sniff test?

I'll give you my opinion.

The Watchtower corporation uses words like "urgent" and "warning" in connection with Armageddon. They TALK A GREAT GAME.

But, the reality of what they spend money on doing to NOTIFY people doesn't match a SENSE OF REALITY of a real event.

Tell me: do you agree?

What is REAL, what is EFFECTIVE about the method of warning?

Such as?

Printing magazine articles and printing densely worded religious books and politely hawking them door to door FOR CONTRIBUTIONS.

YES, charging potential victims money for their advance warning is part of the method!

Would you call on families who were about to lose a loved one on a terrorist-hijacked-jet and ask them to contribute money for the privileged information?

Does that feel strange when you read that?

Maybe that bothers you and maybe it doesn't.

What has the Society demonstrated as to EFFECTIVENESS in spreading a coherent argument in persuading people of the reality of Armageddon?

From the 1880's up to 2011 the messege has been---AT BEST--garbled and disjointed and TAINTED as well.

Using the Great Pyramid and whizbang Chronology charts is equivalent to you or me using Astrology charts and tea leaves to persuade people of the 9/11 attack in advance! It pollutes the warning with nonsense gimmickry.

The biggest failure in persuasion has been the track record of matching evidence with subsequent event payoffs.

From 1879 until 1914 the bookselling and magazine distribution work promised the following events:

1.The Governments of the world would be destroyed.

2.The religions of the world would be destroyed.

3.Millions of wicked people worldwide would be struck dead by angels and birds would eat their flesh!

4.Jesus would set up government over the earth.

How many of the above events PROVED ACCURATE? Only 3 are testable and thus falsifiable, the first three.

None of them were proved true!

WHAT KIND OF CREDIBILITY was established by such a warning message?

This would be similar to our 9/11 scenario if a year before the events we publicly warned that spaceships from Mars would blow up Washington D.C and kidnap all the beautiful women for breeding purposes!

CREDIBILITY WOULD BE DESTROYED for any future warnings no matter how detailed or dire.

Consider this. Would the source of this reliable information CONTINUE to reveal important and sensitive information (like a wikileaks situation) with the ridiculous track record of failure and embarassment?

I'm trying to provide a sense of perspective here rather than simply mock.

We are expected to believe that the source of advance information (Almighty God) warning about 9/11 (Armageddon) would select buffoons to communicate dire warnings
and then, when the messege becomes a source of ridicule and embarassment--CONTINUE to use them for future publicity!

And then, on top of all that---we are expected to believe Almighty God would allow this bumbling failure of a warning crew to ASSUME his name as an IDENTITY so that future failures, screw ups and embarassments would be LINKED to and blamed on God (Jehovah).

Isn't that exactly what happens to these "witnesses" who have never seen any of their predictions come true? They have become non-witnesses of non-events all of which they blame on JEHOVAH?

Does any of this strike you as totally unblievable and irrational for any intelligent person to swallow as fact?

Would it not be more credible to conclude the following:

1.Any group predicting specific events and giving warnings is only credible IF THOSE EVENTS transpire

2.Continued warnings and continued failures removes all plausible confidence in either their messege or their source authority

3.Identification with Jehovah and claiming to "witness" events which never take place is a mockery of reality and of god.

Here is the cherry on top of the soda.

Jehovah's Witnesses not only continue to make the same warnings using the same proofs and reasoning but they have also demanded more authority and credibility for themselves based on nothing but the same string of utter failures!

Is Armageddon as real of an event to the Governing Body as a 9/11 event would be to you?

The facts speak for themselves.


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Nancy said...

OK. They don't care. My son had a benign tumor when he was born in his testicle. The way it was described to me is a series of connected growths that were amongst the healthy tissue. Cancer is usually a lumpy thing, this was a stringy thing. The doctor removed it all, but did not hurt my son. He is 14 now. Jehovah God can remove the bad part without hurting the good part. Frontal assault is only strengthening them. Thank you for sharing your blog.