Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Door To Door Message? A DIVERSION! Where Does The MONEY Go?

By Terry Walstrom.

The door to door work is a sham.

The central activity of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is not spreading their so-called "message" about the Kingdom of Jehovah established in the heavens in 1914.

That's a load of propaganda.

The door to door activity is feckless in producing converts. In fact, it is an immense failure of mammoth proportions!

But, it is a diversion. It is a dodge to keep the rank and file busy. The "work" of preaching is a phoney pursuit designed to give the impression to the world at large that the religion is about evangelism. It is not about evangelism.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is about real estate holdings, investments of monies and high octane movement of currencies laundered in the guise of religious activity.

It is like the Roach Motel. The money checks in, but, in never checks out!!

Where does money NORMALLY GO in a religion??




4.retirement plans

5.administration costs.

Is this true of the Watchtower Religion?

They don't pay their workers enough to keep a hobo alive.

There is no retirement plan, no 401 K, no charities like hospitals or trauma centers or battered women's shelters for the money to be spent on.

JW's don't build schools or colleges and don't even plough back money into the local community with social activity centers or reading programs for the illiterate!

They are totally uncharitable and anti-social.

Therefore the money that comes in from their publishing exploits and free distribution networks of gullible grunts at the local Kingdom Halls, is money that cannot be accounted for.

Guess what? They are a religion; they DON'T HAVE TO ACCOUNT FOR A PENNY OF IT!!

Don't most large ministries of an evangelical nature spend millions on the Public Airwaves?

The Watchtower Society doesn't use public airwaves, broadcasting media, podcasts, Television, DVDs or any contemporary technology proven to be effective.


That's right. The average John Q. Citizen can only tell you in vague terms what Jehovah's Witnesses DON'T DO or DON'T BELIEVE. They cannot begin to tell you what they DO believe!

Mind you, this is after a veritable blitz of propaganda for over 100 years taken to the very doors of community after community, public talks in local Kingdom Halls and International Assemblies with considerable media coverage.

Does this strike you as peculiar, strange and suspicious?

Well it is on purpose!

The preaching work is a sham and the religion is about money; hidden money; big money.

The magazine articles are a front.

Communism pretended to be about the welfare of the worker and the plight of the underprivileged. It wasn't. That was just window dressing to get the disaffected to become true believers and overturn the power structures for a takeover of the real power behind Communism: fascist dictators!

Look at the facts and follow the money.

Mainstream religion has to do something PUBLICLY with the money they raise like pay for air-time, pay for orphanages in Africa, pay for a new transmitter, pay for a new steeple or glass cathedral or theme park. Mainstream religion wears its charity on its sleeve. Mainstream religions build schools and colleges and hospitals with the money they receive and still have a fortune leftover to house the preacher in luxury and splendor!

But, Jehovah's Witnesses present a public face deceptively out of touch with the real power brokers formerly in Brooklyn that serves to deflect these questions about "where does the money go?" The JW who knocks on the local door is dressed in a Montgomery Ward suit and a scuffed pair of cheap shoes. They don't take collections at their Kingdom Halls. So, the public face is that of shabbiness and under achievement. Little do the folks know about the cash cow printing presses in New York, the investment portfolios and the stagnant accumulation of mountains of currency.

Think about it.

Think hard.

The message doesn't matter.


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Nancy said...

Something more. Do they not invest in the stock market? It is worldly
(John 17:14). They have the rank and file being so busy reaching for "the spiritual paradise", they hardly have time for personal research (Acts 17:11) or for recreation.