Monday, March 11, 2013

DFing....Human Rights Violation And DEFAMATION Of Character?

 By Terry Walstrom

>>>>>>>>>No one can allow human rights to be violated--not even inside the insular confinement of Relgious Policy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What are "rights" and where do the stem from?
Human equality.  One life is as valuable as another.  Life is sacred.

I'm alive and you are alive and the next person is alive. So, we ALL have rights.  Natural rights.

Human rights stem from a very practical source.  Humans have certain needs in order to continue living and to prosper.
Without being able to meet our needs we perish.  So, we have a RIGHT to act in defense of our personal needs to survive and prosper.

Basic premise: all rights stem from LIFE because without life you can't exercise any!

Because they ignore natural human rights.......Jehovah's Witnesses have a genuine moral problem.

Watchtower leaders don't value human life qua life...and consequently officially and through policy--deny certain automatic human rights.
Witness policy isn't about LIFE so much as it is about the LABELS they assign to various people.
By labeling somebody a goat they deny them basic human rights.
By labeling a skeptic an Apostate they deny them basic human rights.
Remember: JW's say DFing leads to DEATH at Armageddon.   So, depriving a person of LIFE by DFing them is the equivalent to EXECUTION.
If we keep that firmly in mind---we might wake up to what is REALLY AT STAKE in religious policy which denies the right to life.

A Judicial Committee meeting is LIFE or DEATH judgement wielded by arbitrary non-elected men of bias interpreting without law.
False accusations and plenary power can deprive you of your LIFE.  Are you compelled to recognize the power of arrogant men to EXECUTE YOU?

Do we human beings have the right to question authority or don't we?
Do we have a right to rational discourse or don't we?
Just because we join a religion doesn't mean we forego the USE of our brain forever---does it?

As wives, husbands, parents and citizens we are vigilant of encroachments eroding our security and well-being.

After all, we aren't living under Roman Empire rule--are we?

By railroading a person who has doubts and questions-- the elders are devaluing the basic human right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

FORCING THIS HUMAN RIGHTs ISSUE OUT IN THE OPEN might wake others up (with doubts, too)  to what is really going on.
Elder judges may sometimes be found to be exercsing power without morality.

By treating their immoral valuation of you (and their death sentence) as unworthy of compliance YOU CHALLENGE their morality in the "court" of public opinion.

Who really is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?  And who is the Evil Slave?
The Evil Slave abuses power over others.
Jesus LEFT THE 99 to go after the stray. Conclusion?  Jesus embraces the stray.
The Evil Slave drives out the one.  Conclusion: abusive Elders are embodying the Evil Slave.


If you call the police and report child molestation after the Elders tell you to keep quiet are you a reviler deserving their "death" sentence: DFing?
Yes--to the stonewalling Elders who won't protect the innocent victim.
If you report them---who gets arrested?    THEY DO.
(What is the alternative? Keeping your lip zipped?)
NO!  You are doing the MORALLY RIGHT thing.
Any Religious Policy which makes you complicit in cover-up is automatically IMMORAL.

So, you get DF'd.  What then?

>>>>>>>>>No one can allow human rights to be violated--not even inside the insular confinement of Relgious Policy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Others inside the congregation are watching and deciding.  They are--in effect--having their own morals tested.
Your public treatment puts their integrity to the test.  But only if it is PUBLIC and witnessed. is all swept under the rug of secrecy and the festering injustice continues.
Business as usual.

When did public opinion change about the Catholic Church? When the evil policy of cover up became public.
When did public opinion change about Scientology?  When defectors went public about violent abuse.

For Evil to prosper good people only have to do nothing.

We have a basic human right to educate our children and to earn a substantive living and to enjoy our free time.
The Watchtower religion VIOLATES these basic human rights too with opressive and suppressive policies that
rob families of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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