Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't Let Your Accountant Fire YOU When You Catch Them In Malfeasance.

By Terry Walstrom(JWN)

You own a business and hire an accountant to manage the finances.

Your checks start to bounce every once and awhile. You anxiously call your accountant: "What's going on? There should be enough in the

bank to cover these things!"

The accountant has 3 things by way of response that can be said:

1.I screwed up. I apologize. I'll make good on it. It won't happen again.

2.It's not MY fault all the other people are wrong.

3.Who are you to question me? I've got the degree in accounting. Keep your pants on.

If this happens just ONCE--you may shrug it off and keep that accountant no matter which reply was given.

But--here is the most important point that can be made: IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN..and again...and again...and again.....

it should not matter how many excuses or reasons the accountant gives you--should it?

Are you not justified in firing them, reporting them, losing all confidence in them, suing them?

The rank and file Jehovah' Witnesses are like the business that has hired the Governing Body to keep their spiritual account running in a healthy profitable way.

At a certain point....after many bounced promises...reversals...outright errors....obvious ass-covering excuses.....FIRING THEM is a no-brainer!

No business person could AFFORD to "wait on the accountant" to straighten out the mess. You could quickly be out of business and bankrupt.

Disfellowshipped people are, in effect, spiritually bankrupted because they TRUSTED when they should have demanded an accounting.

Have you ever hear this saying?

Fool me once---it is "shame on you."

Fool me twice---it is "shame on ME."

Don't let your accountant FIRE YOU for catching them in malfeasance!

What is needed is an exposure of the problems and a reckoning without all the excuses and muscle-flexing.

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