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By Bitter Truth From JWD\JWN.

Jehovah's Witnesses have long practiced idolatry and various forms of "creature worship," now for many years. Although the WTS teaches and has stated many times in their publications that the world in general, by way of such things as "birthday" celebrations, christmas, and other annual events, actually eulogize and extol great glory upon man, the individual himself, and thus, by way of whats known as "creature worship," practice wholesale IDOLATRY!

That's what they teach. However, upon closer examination, we find the JWs do the same thing in reference to the WTS and their leadership. This is a proven fact, that can be easily established for us, in this year now of 2,000.

We recall, JWs are indeed taught and are fully aware of what the Bible teaches about following the "commandments" and "traditions of men," and how the God of the Bible, feels about these things. They quickly point out to members of other religions that the "commandments of men," and the following of the "traditions of man," an an overt act of "idolatry," and "creature worship," since one has overstepped the very Commandment of God's Word, as found in the Bible, and REPLACED it with "man's command," thus rescinding God's Word, the real force of it...thus it becomes a heinous ACT OF IDOLATRY. -- See Matt. 15:9

But, JWs themselves, are often asked to participated in this heinous practice on a "daily basis," everyday in their worship of God...such conduct on a regular basis, practiced year in and year out, and nothing is ever said about. It is "accepted" as a "godly practice", though it is not taught directly in scripture, and even labeled in many instances A REQUIREMENT FOR LIFE, thus forced upon the novice, or newcomer in the organization...the newly baptized disciple for the Jehovah's Witnesses organization.


1. COUNTING TIME. Count all of the literature, books, magazines, hours, return visits, and bible studies each month and make a written record and REPORT it to the Headquarters Staff at Brooklyn Bethel each and every month. Further, each publisher, that's 5-6 million JWs, are REQUIRED TO DO THIS WORLDWIDE! It is a "commandment of men"...pure and simple.

Mark 7:7-9 says:

"It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach as doctrines COMMANDS OF MEN. Letting go the commandment of God, you hold fast the tradition of men." Further, he went on to say to then: Adroiltly you set aside the commandment of God in order to retain Your tradition."

COUNTING & REPORTING TIME and Keeping Records of it, a unique practice of JWs, actually fits this scenio perfectly.

Jesus taught, when it comes to good works, and the giving of "gifts of mercy" -- ...


'do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing...'

'do your good works in SECRET, and your heavenly father, who is looking on in secret, will reward you also in SECRET.' -- [Gist] Matt. 6:1-4

This "commandment" of "counting and reporting time, a longstanding practice of Jehovah's Witnesses, is no where to be found in the Bible itself. First century christians did no such things at all. It is a "commandment" of the WTS! A "commandment of men."

Thus, idolatry..."creature worship!"

2. THEOCRATIC STRATEGY/LYING -- The 1914 Teaching:

It has been long taught, by the WTS Headquarters staff, and in the printed publications, that JWs can indeed "lie" or tell total "untruths" to those "who are not deserving" of an honest answer. This has been practiced in courts in the legal system, and is a common practice today, as indicated by the outright duplicity demonstrated in the "Bulgarian/Blood" situation. This is an established fact.

This has been established procedure for many years now, as can be attested to by reviewing information found in the "Aid to Bible Understanding" and "Insight on Scriptures" publications on the subject of a "Lie." A clear definition of it is given, and gives the basis for what is called "theocratic strategy," wherein the WTS will clearly TELL OUTRIGHT UNTRUTHS to the government officials, and persons of high rank within the government, when it conflicts with ideals, goals and aspirations of the WTS. The also teach their membership to do the same when so confronted.

Jesus said all forms of "lying" comes Satan the Devil." -- See John 8:44

Jesus also promised that "all those lying," "LIKING and CARRYING ON A LIE"... will be given over the total destruction of in the "Lake of Fire," which means the "second death." -- See Rev. 21:8, 22:15

PLEASE NOTE: Also, the "carrying on of a lie", as maintained by WTS and Headquarters staff, can also be seen in the constant and persistent teaching of "1914" Doctrine, which unquestionably is an outright ruse, fable, or "artfully contrived false story," -- a bold face "lie," perpetrated by the WTS upon the world for over 120 years, which cannot be proven from the Holy Scriptures of God! -- 2 Peter 1:16

However, first century Christians can NOT be charged as having taught, any such foolish thing. They have no such Gigantic "Lie", false teaching to their credit, that has been perpetrated over such a long period of time, and finally done in such a totally unrepentant manner as by the WTS.

The 1914 CANNOT be substantiated within the Bible, the Bible does not even mention any such "date" associated the kingship of Jesus Christ. It is not taught in Scripture...this is a "man-made" concoction...a "commandment of men."

One cannot be baptized, nor accepted as one of Jehovah's Witnesses even today, unless he ACCEPTS this teaching by the WTS, as coming from God...even today.

..."commandments of men."


The WTS has taught for many years that the attending of college was a BAD THING...and discouraged tens of thousands from attending a university of any sorts, of higher learning, and gaining a college degree.

To attest to the factualness of this occurence, today, almost all of the Circuit, District, Branch Personnel, Missionaries, Governing Body members, present today, who did not have this opportunity before becoming Jehovah's Witnesses, WILL HAVE TO ADMIT WHEN QUESTIONED, that they are thus, in this most pitiful, pitiable, pennyless, deplorable condition today, all because of "man-made" indoctrination heaped upon them by WTS headquarters staff. Yes, ALL ARE WITHOUT COLLEGE EDUCATION to this day because of this "man-made," human reasoning concoction, "commandment of men," that is clearly not taught in the Scriptures, God's Word. A Fact!

Now, it is totally appropriate and proper for a JW to go to college, if he so chooses. But not so, a few years ago. It was a "sin" to go to college, a few years ago, as taught by the WTS.

...a "commandment of men."

Today, we know, the Bible does not teach nor speak on such a matter about attending a university of higher learning.

But yet, over the past many years, the WTS has enforced this "commandment of men," and even insisted upon making this an "unstated rule" by frequently withholding privileges of responsibility to any who pursued a college education, despite their warnings, privileges that could be held within the organization. This is a fact.

All brothers and sisters in Special Services in the organization today, Special Pioneers, Missionaries, Travelling Overseers, Bethel personnel, all KNOW THIS to be a FACT..and can attest to this to be the situation, the situation, since their very lifes, present state of affairs, actually speaks for them!

They are "uneducated" as a group of people, many in their late 50s, 60s, 70s, and above.

Ask them why, they didn't go to college, and see if the "answer" is not unanimously linked to "counsel" from "Mother Bethel.

"Commandments of men,"...idolatry.

4. The Insidous "Doctrine" of 1975, The End and the "Appropriate Time For God to Act," Teaching.

Many JWs are perfectly aware of the 1975 teaching and the detrimental effects this had upon many associated with the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. Long before this year, the WTS began pointing forward to this year as the end of 6,000 years of man's existence and the appropriate closeness of the Millenial reign of Jesus Christ, and the dismantling of human governments upon earth.

Particularly, in the latter years, nearing this year, around 1968, years before, the WTS made an urgent push, using many of the Travelling overseers present today, fully emphasize the nearness of the end, especially with the release of the "Truth" book, which today numbers better than 100 million copies distributed worldwide.

With the release of this particular book, it was told to all JWs that a 6-month Bible study program should be implemented...wherein if any person did not show SUFFICIENT interest in the literature or the study, the Bible Student and His Study, SHOULD BE DROPPED IMMEDIATELY! No need to study any further with the need to tarry...drop the study...the end was too near.

This is a fact!

Many, began to sell their homes, sell their businesses...because the "commandment of men," the WTS, told them the "time was too short."

The "Kingdom Ministry" once printed an article COMMENDING individuals, who had sold their homes and businesses and "moved to serve where the need was greater" ... all because of sensing the nearness of the end and the year of 1975.

Many of us remember these years. In fact, the "Freedom of the Sons of God" release of the mid 1960's actually pointed out about how "appropriate" it would be, to match and coincide the end of 6,000 years of human existence, as of 1975, with the "Millenial rule" of Jesus Christ, and removal of all human governments! This is fact...a printed fact.

The count for baptimal candidates soared...over 300,000 baptised in one year...just before 1975...bringing the total number JWs to over 2 million by the mid-seventies. Kingdom Halls were swelling up everywhere...particularly in the U.S.

Yes, this man-made teaching had affected the lives of many...because 1975 came and went...and nothing happened.

Many became disgruntled...many left the organization. The WTS claimed it never intimated or taught such a thing for many years after that. They wondered at the lack of faith of those who had left.

Within five years from that fate date, a major break-up at Brooklyn Bethel, with several key members of the Bethel staff, Writing Department, a G.B. member, translator...put out of Bethel and, to a large extent, yes bannished, disfellowshiped because of not giving FULL SUPPORT to the "1975 WTS coverup," that was full swing and practice by that time. A fact.

Some would say,

"No, no, the WTS never actually taught or said anything SPECIFIC about 1975, not directly anyway...the brothers made the whole thing up...we never said the end was coming...they never even INFERRED, no..."

But, ask yourself, was it in fact, a man-made teaching, or not? And, from where did it originate...who thought up the idea, the WTS or the brothers? Which?

Is this date, this "teaching," in the printed publications, highlighted by the WTS?

Five more years later, the year is now, 1985...

5. The change in the Dedication Questions in the Baptism Ceremonies of all JWs worldwide.

Question #2 used to state:

"On the basis of this faith in God and in his provision for redemption have you dedicated yourself unreservedly to Jehovah God, to do his will henceforth as that will is revealed to you through Christ Jesus and through God's Word as His Holy Spirit makes it plain?" (See Wt 1970 pg. 309 par. 20)

New Question #2 (the more improved version)

"Do you understand that your deication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's witnesses in association with God's spirit-directed organization?" (See 6/1/85 Wt. pg. 30 par. 3,4)

In the new improved question, you are no longer directed by (a) Christ Jesus, (b) The Bible and the leadings of the (c) "holy spirit," of God.

So, how are JWs now Well, JWs can no longer make the claim they are led by Jesus, the Holy spirit and the bible, no, no, because of the change, yes...since the year of 1985, since they are NOW DIRECTED by the "organization," the "spirit-directed organization," WHICH TAKES THE PLACE of (a) Jesus Christ, (b)The Bible and the leadings of the (c) Holy Spirit of God.

Which Questions posed to the baptismal is MORE BIBLE BASED...which? Which one is a "commandment of men," which?

I think you can answer that one.

Well, that's the improvement of the questions in 1985, five years after the "Bethel Breakup", and 10 years after the "1975 teaching," perpetrated by the "spirit-directed organization," Headquartered in Brooklyn New York. That's the change, that's the improvement.

Yes, these are proven "commandments of men," "traditions of men," yes idolatry, "creature worship" all accepted and practiced by JWs, and the WTS. All neatly, swept "under the rug," and dismissed as "never, ever happening at all." They never made any such changes in their "dedication" ceremonies...this never happened, or it is of "little consequence," to them. Yes, they are free from any involvement of "creature worship," idolatry, worship of man, and his traditions.

This is your history, Jehovah's witnesses, your legacy...your voluntary part, in obeying the "commandments of men."

Your part in "creature worship," idolatry. The worship of man/organization over God.

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