Friday, November 28, 2008

CNN report on child Abuse.


Edward Albright said...

Why your interest in what people have done?

I thought that the blog was about Bible research, not gossip on people.

Los Testigos Cristianos de Jehová said...

Edward, are you a brother or an elder that follows Service Department's advised on protecting Watchtower's false image to the public?

The image of the Watchtower is going down and down. Believe me, we are working hard helping to achieve that and we are getting there easier than we thought.

That's our goal, to show the kind of evil is the watchtower's organizacion.

For your own sake, follow Jesus Christ and no the Governing Body.

Edward Albright said...

The problem I see here is that people follow the Watchtower and blame JWs for that.

JWs follow the Bible.

So what the Watchtower does or does not do is irrelevant.

While you look for evil in the Watchtower, JWs are following the Christ.

Follow Jesus, sure, but that means following the GB.